Fmod crash on windows


I have a bundle using fmod that works perfectly fine on mac and android but crashes on windows. Here the log I get when I launch the game from command line:

INFO:DLIB: Log server started on port 64624
INFO:ENGINE: Engine service started on port 8001
INFO:ENGINE: Defold Engine 1.2.172 (dedf1ed)
INFO:ENGINE: Loading data from: dmanif:./game.dmanifest
WARNING:fmod: LoadLibrary(“D:\Rocco\jackRedrum\fmod.dll”) failed with error code 193
WARNING:fmod: LoadLibrary(“D:\Rocco\jackRedrum\fmodstudio.dll”) failed with error code 193
WARNING:fmod: FMOD libraries could not be loaded. FMOD will be disabled for this session

I see that fmod.ddl and fmodstudio.dll are there but for some reason they are not loaded…

Any help? Thanks!

Ciao, Rocco.



Could it be 32 vs 64 bit issues?

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As usual, make an issue on the FMOD repo and I’ll check it out when I get the time. Sorry I couldn’t keep up with maintenance lately. I’ve been swamped, but this won’t take much longer.

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Ok, I will add an issue! Thanks!



Just to confirm that Windows 32 bit works fine!