Flipping tiles in the tile map editor


I can’t seem to figure out how to flip a tile when painting using the tile map tool. The docs don’t mention anything and I’m pretty sure I tried pressing every key on my keyboard. I know Defold supports flipped tiles because they work fine when exporting from Tiled or when modifying the *.tilemap file json manually.



Really?! I thought this was in the Defold backlog?

Would also like flipped tiles.



Currently you can only do it programmatically: https://www.defold.com/ref/tilemap/#tilemap.set_tile:url-layer-x-y-tile--h-flipped---v-flipped-



Seeing as how all the functionality is present to actually render and store flipped tiles, are there any plans to add the ability to paint flipped tiles in the editor?



Yes, it’s in the backlog but unlikely to happen anytime soon I’m afraid.

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I guess that brings us to the million dollar question: is there any chance of Defolds editor going open source so the community can help out with stuff like this?

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Open sourcing the entire Defold product has been discussed several times in the past (one example here: Why isn't Defold open source? search for more!) and our standpoint hasn’t really changed. It will take significant time and effort on our part to open source Defold. There are obvious advantages in doing so but we would also have to make several changes to the product itself and the way we work. It would be quite disruptive but probably pay off in the end. Just look at the way the news that Corona was going open source was received by the community. It was not all positive feedback and praise and I’m guessing the same would be the case if we decide to open source Defold.



Is flipping tiles in the editor still buried deep in the guts of the backlog?

In my current project it currently means the difference between a 2048x2048 or a 4096x4096 tile source (trying to keep this project without any external editors like Tiled).