Flatpak for Defold? (#4825)


Hi there,

I was wondering if Defold would ever develop a flatpak for linux, seeing that other engines like Godot and Blender use Flatpak and they run smooth on my linux OS.

Seeing that Defold is a bit slow with Linux beta I have no choice but use Godot which is a bit sad because I’m so use to Defold.




I know that you linked to Flathub and I started reading developer docs for Flatpak, but if you have experience packaging applications for Flatpak I’d appreciate some input on the process. What are the typical changes required? If it is mostly a matter of how the application is packaged then it might not be that difficult to add Flatpak support.

Perhaps @vlaaad, our resident Linux and editor dev expert could weigh in?



I’m curious what you mean by this?



Meaning that Defold takes longer to load. The reaction time of the ui is slow, for example if I click on File menu in the editor I only get the menu after a second with blurry UI.

I have noticed that it is not only Defold that runs slow within Linux beta. For example if I use Blender within Linux beta it is also slow but when I switch to a flatpak version of Blender there is no performance issue.



What is Linux beta? Can you show how this blurry UI looks on your machine?

Pros: it might solve various issues users of less popular Linux distros have, more secure and transparent to the user.
Cons: it will require moderately high amount effort to integrate properly, both in CI and in Editor — Defold uses OpenGL and file system access to opened project directories that are unavailable by default for flatpak apps. Some other stuff might break too (like developing on device over a local network? it seems that’s disabled as well).

I think it’s an idea worth exploring, but I’m not willing to do it myself :slight_smile:



I agree, it sounds interesting, but the priority would be fairly low. It does not really align with the 2020 roadmap where we said to focus on bugfixes for the desktop platforms and not much feature development.

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GitHub issue: https://github.com/defold/defold/issues/4825

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