Firebase Remote Config

Is there any plan to integrate Remote Config in the current Firebase Defold SDK?
It’s a requirement for the project I’m working on. Wondering if anyone has been exploring it or is planning to.

I don’t believe there is a plan I’m afraid. If a non-firebase solution is an option, remote config is available now in GameAnalytics and Playfab I believe.

The API looks really straight forward with just a handful of functions:

I would suggest that this is added to the existing Firebase extension (and have it renamed from extension-firebase-analytics to just extension-firebase). The functions would be added to a new module named remote_config.


If anyone is willing to work on it, I can commission this work.
Basically I need it for next week and my plate is already full.
If anyone has time to work on it, I can compensate it. we can share the result with the community.

PM me if interested.

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So. I’m starting it and getting my hands dirty, but I block on the initialization.

I edit the firebase.cpp file as follow:

#include "firebase/remote_config.h"
using namespace firebase::remote_config;

I also modify the gradle build by adding:

implementation ''

And I always get the error

upload/firebase/src/firebase.cpp:68: error: undefined reference to 'firebase::remote_config::Initialize(firebase::App const&)'
/tmp/job10177096772831827459/build/libFirebase_3.a(firebase.cpp_2.o):firebase.cpp:firebase::remote_config_ref: error: undefined reference to 'firebase::g_remote_config_initializer'
clang++: error: linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation)

Someone seems to have a similar issue undefined reference to `firebase::g_storage_initializer' · Issue #34 · firebase/firebase-cpp-sdk · GitHub
But I can’t understand how to apply for a Defold extension.

Thanks for your help.

You need to add the libraries to the extension as well.

When? Monday? I was planning to look into this, but not so soon.

I can maybe reshuffle my backlog and look into it. And a one time donation to the Defold foundation would be a nice gesture in return :slight_smile:

More like Friday (basically we’ll be running AB tests campaigns that rely on Remote Config in 2 weeks).
I will keep investigating this issue, but I always appreciate any help of course :grinning: