Firebase extensions update (remove C++ SDK)

All three Firebase extensions have been updated to the latest version.
Additionally, the Firebase C++ SDK was removed from the extensions, and now the extension directly supports Android and iOS.

The API has changed, making this a breaking update. Please pay attention to the example before updating.

Special thanks to @Sippul79 for doing most of the work.


Im curious, what was the motivation for moving away from the C++ SDK?
I was hoping in future to be able to use the C++ SDK on desktop (Windows / Mac) for testing, as right now our game behaves quite differently on Android/iOS because it fetches different values from Remote Config.

See NE library link order for more context

  • It’s easier to maintain (updating the SDK version in the gradle/podfile is straightforward).
  • It has fewer issues, or at least we can fix them ourselves.
    (also, smaller size and less external deps, but these aren’t so important)

Using the C++ SDK, I patched our extension to workaround an issue related to thread attachment on Android. Additionally, @Sippul79 reported an issue with RemoteConfig and deadlock in some cases. There were also issues with the compilation of C++ SDK lib on certain compiler versions, etc.

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I think the current implementation should work on Mac, because ObjC lib isn’t iOS only, but more like “Apple platforms SDK”. If it’s something you are interested in, create a ticket for it, I’ll take a look.

Thanks. Should I create an issue in all of the firebase repos where it might be applicable, or is it sufficient to create one in extension-firebase?

You can create just one in the Firebase repo, I’ll add support for all of them