Fika with Defold

We’re planning this very Swedish thing for our community sponsors. In most workplaces (or actually in most places) in Sweden there’s this important and recurring thing (almost a ritual) we call fika. It usually takes place in the afternoon when people go on a break for some coffee or tea and cake (often a cinnamon bun) to talk with their colleagues about the day, the weather, the boss, the football team or anything else. It’s an excuse to hang out, take a break and socialise!

For this “Fika with Defold” event we’d like to invite our community sponsors to hang out, talk about your projects and about Defold. The first of what we hope will be a recurring and sponsor exclusive event will happen at 6pm CET on Tuesday the 10th of November.

Yes, we realise that it’s impossible to find a time which will work for everyone, regardless of location. This time we picked a time which works for our users in Europe and the Americas. Next time we’ll pick a time to better accommodate for our users in Asia!

Don’t forget to bring something to drink and a snack! We hope to see you there!

Q: Fika?
A: It’s great

Q: Sounds fun! I want to join!
A: Become a community sponsor


I love fika! It was almost a daily routine working for a Swedish company (Ericsson), although I was working in Poland :smiley: I will do what I can (aka send my children for a walk, if the weather will allow it :smiley: ) to join!


I am definitely coming to this. If you have a copy of my book, make sure you have a yes/no card as I will 100% be forcing everybody to play!!!


See you guys there! I have some fika catchup to do.


This is a reminder about the Fika with Defold event tomorrow for our community sponsors! The event will be pretty informal but we’ll try to stick with the following agenda:

  • Introductions - Quick presentations of those present - who is who?
  • Retrospective - A look at 2020 - milestones, partners and roadmap
  • Plans - What do we have in store for next year?
  • Q & A
  • Open discussion

If you have a question you’d like us to answer at the event then please ask here or reach out to me directly (


hi! where is this?

looking forward to it!

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If you are supporting Defold, you should get an email :wink:

got it!!!

Does this only include some of the higher tiered supporters?

A notice " [@defold GitHub Sponsors Update] Fika with Defold" was sent 12 days ago check to see if you got that one. It was sent via GitHub so make sure you have e-mails enabled when you click manage here

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Ah, maybe that’s why. I became a sponsor… actually, exactly 12 days ago, funnily enough. I must have missed the email distribution by a few hours or something.

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I assume there will be a second notice sent with a link before it begins. @britzl ?

Wait did it already pass 6PM CET? Should use a countdown link next time too.


Yup, didn’t get one as well. Became sponsor a week ago :slight_smile:

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Sorry. My sound card was going crazy towards the end. Nice seeing you guys! :slight_smile:


It was nice! Thank you guys! I’m so glad to see you all!


Glad to see you all (almost live!)
Thanks for the meet :slight_smile:


Thanks! It was very nice to see you all!


Weird, I didn’t get an email either, though I wouldn’t be able to join today anyway. And I’m sponsoring on the barest minimum level, so maybe it’s that?

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Has this been recorded?

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