Fail to launch on iOS devices (SOLVED)


Hi Defold Community,

I have followed every step on the user manual and try to bundle my game as an IOS application, but it keeps crashing when launching on real IOS devices. However, it works fine on the XCode Simulator.

I have tried to bundle two projects: My current development and the sample linker game.
Both of them crash when launching on real IOS devices (iPad 2019 version and iPhone SE).

Is there any advice from the Defold community? Thanks in advance.

P.S I am updating my XCode to the latest version. After that, I will try to provide the device log and find out the crash record.

They work on my simulator.

I use ios-deploy module from GitHub to install my app on my testing devices. It does install successfully but crashes immediately when it launched.



More app crash screenshots :slight_smile:

For your reference, this is a build of the default mobile game template project.



Problem Solved by changing the configuration of the provision file (unchecked all the Capabilities) :slight_smile:

Next Question: Is the Defold bundle conflict with some of the App Capabilities? (i.e Cannot build when certain Capabilities options are checked)



Not sure. I don’t think so.

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So what’s the problem ?:thinking:
It is fine to me if the push notification is available, but not sure whether other developers need other capabilities



It’s hard to say.
What does the debug console on the iOS say?
Did you check the iOS crash logs?

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I will try to reproduce the error later on and see the log record