Faerie Alchemy

10 years ago we made the first version of Faerie Alchemy and now it’s ported to Defold with some extra quality of life features. And we’re going to keep developing it in Defold and adding more polish and features over time!


Sweet! Insta-buy!

Screenshot 2021-06-08 at 22.14.06


Thank you! You are customer #1! :slight_smile:


Woho, let’s hope I’m the first of many!


Looks great!

What was it written in before? How did the porting go overall?

I’ve been wanting to port a LibGDX game to make it easier to maintain. I really hate working in Java and dealing with communication between the LibGDX and Android activity threads.

The original version was written in the now dead Monkey language, a Blitz project.

Porting was a breeze. Mostly total code was reduced because of Defold’s features. Probably at most a week’s worth of work to port and polish.


Is it somehow connected with Blitz (Blitz BASIC - Wikipedia)? As far as I remember Blitz3D SDK was my first graphics engine! :smiley:

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Awesome game, I am now mastering it when I finally discovered the rotation possibility with right mouse click! :smiley:

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Regarding input: I would have preferred rotation left/right on arrow up/down and then drop on space. I have accidentally dropped pieces multiple times when trying to rotate in the other direction. :slight_smile:

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Blitz Basic. I used the first version on the Amiga. Yes I’m that old :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, Mark is the one who wrote both of them and more like BlitzMax. But I won’t touch any of his other projects because of how he handled the end of life of Monkey.

Cerberus X by Whitesky Games this is a community managed fork or Monkey.

Defold is better in every way. :slight_smile:

I think I need to add a help screen page 2 which goes over all of the controls.

Maybe keyremapping too?

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Yes, or just a few variations of bindings to choose from.


1.1 is up which adds the requested secondary keyboard input method. And enables gesture controls (meant for actual touch screens). Though I’m not sure what to do about trackpads like on MacBooks so that the swipes on it work. Any ideas?

(Also RIP typo on the keyboard layouts. Will fix in 1.2 which will add a secondary help screen too.)


There’s another typo on the screen with instructions:


Version 1.2.0

  • Fixed some typos

  • Improved gesture controls

  • Added a second help page to explain input controls

Next up will be some actual new content updates. But that will come after we release Dire. Dire is really close to being ready so we’ll be focusing on powering through what’s left and hopefully release it before this month ends. :pray:


Here are the stats so far. Thank you to those of you who bought the game!

We’re going to put up a mobile version soonish. It will be free to download and give the user two options to either play with ads after each attempt or pay $9.99 to not have ads.

We’ve also discussed the plans for a private development roadmap for FA after other projects are done. We know what we want to get done for FA to make the game as appealing and fun as possible to those who enjoy it. And once most of those are done we’ll likely only do a Steam release for FA then. And maybe a console release too.


First Google Play version. The iOS version is in review too.


Just bought the supporter IAP for the Android version with some google play credits I had.

The game is really enjoyable and well made. Nice work!

I will give it some more play time, and hopefully I will memorize some of the upgrade sequences. I got around 27,500 points in my first try.

What is the highest score you have seen?


Thank you! I’ve seen scores in the million + by very skillful players. If you want anything changed / improved please let me know.

iOS version is up now too.


Is this score global? if Yes im second better in world! :wink:

Great game!