[Facebook Instant] Screen and texture resolution



I am developing a Facebook Instant game with Defold.

Since I am new to this I wonder what is the correct resolution to use when setting things up (UI, spawn points of objects) for a Facebook Instant game?

I’ve kind of understood that it should be 1920x1080. In order for sprites and fonts to look good with this resolution, they themselves cannot be very low res. In this case, how do you keep the file size low enough?




1920x1080 would be nearing overkill for Facebook instant games. I would go for 960x640 instead.

As far as fonts go, you want to be using distance field fonts. These are easy to setup with Defold, and will look good when scaled up while the actual size is small.

Share you’re project as you go along and we can suggest performance improvements. Since this is your first project don’t worry too hard about getting it perfect.




Facebook seems to be recommending 16:9 for videos used in instant games(source). I was wondering if the same applies to the game’s own resolution.

If it is then perhaps not 960x640 but instead 1280x720 or 1024x576 (source).

I will have a look at distance fonts.



You can use the recommended aspect ratio while still using a lower total resolution. You could even have the main game area in a 4:3 area and just have some nice background on the left and the right like some games do.

In our games we target 1366x768, as in in our game.project it is

width = 1366
height = 768

And then for many of our assets they are double the size to fit in that resolution. So when placing them in GUI etc. they are scaled by 0.5 by default. Then along with that we use custom GUI materials to disable mipmaps since the way we scale stuff it would make the assets blurry not disabling them.

Don’t worry too much about these issues for now, keep digging into all of Defold’s features and learning as much in general as you can.



I’ll keep trying different methods.

Thank you for the answer!

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