Facebook Instant Game - Share image



I’ve implemented the facebook share functionality, however I think I am missing something.

A) While the base64 image is nicely displayed when the user starts to share a post, what is the text field used for, as it seems to be a part of the payload? Where does it even appear? I guess it should appear when the intent is challenge or invite. But as I understand then in order to challenge or invite, the method choose_context must be used instead. Why is the intent even a part of the share functionality? There seems to be no different in choosing different intents, when sharing.

B) I tried another game and when I pressed share, this is what I saw:
image They added my name with the score on the custom image. Does it mean if I want to achieve something similar, I need to create an image at runtime and then post it? What would be a good way to do that? I.e, how should I compose it and how should I make a screenshot?




Yes, you need to create it at runtime. You can use the screenshot extension to grab a capture of the screen (or a portion of the screen). Other than that there’s not really any easy way to do it I think.