Facebook Instant Game - Fails to initialize (SOLVED)



I made an HTML5 build and uploaded it to Facebook. However, when I try to open it via a link, this is what I get:

It loads the game 100% but then does not start the menu. It seems to have some issues, displayed in the console.

I am using Defold version 1.2.177. Channel: editor-alpha.
For fbinstant I am using master.zip so it should point to the latest one.

What could be the issue here?



Try to manually disable / strip out WASM.

There might be another solution.



That is the problem right there. Avoid depending on master as it can cause problem when breaking changes are introduced.

We released a new version to support the Emscripten update released in Defold 1.2.178. You need to either update to Defold 1.2.178 (released yesterday) or depend on the previous version of the extension.

I recommend that you update Defold as the new version will result in smaller html5 builds.



Thank you!

I will try this out in the evening.



@britzl This did the trick.

Thank you!

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