Facebook as an extension


Facebook as an extension

The more features we add to our extension system, the more extensions we can remove from the core engine and move out into a proper extension. This has several benefits, such as the engine becoming smaller for those that don’t use a certain extension. Or that the extension can be updated or improved upon by our users, depending on their needs.

In any case, it’s now time for our Facebook functionality to move out into a proper extension.
The planned release for this extension is in 1.2.154.


To retain your facebook support, you’ll need to add a dependency to your game.project, and that’s it.
The Lua module will work just as before.
(We’ll share the exact dependency link at the time of the release.)

In app purchases

We’ll move the iap module into a separate extension at a later stage.


We are also planning to move the Gameroom (Win32) extension out at a later stage.

Preliminary engine size saves

For Android, the classes.dex became ~610kb smaller.
For iOS, the engine became ~400kb smaller