ERROR: "GUI: Out of animation resources"


I am trying to create a particle fx library for GUI, but get an error saying “WARNING:GUI: Out of animation resources (1024)” but way before reaching 1024 particles. If I count the particles (box nodes) as they are created the error starts when 144 particles has been created.
Also - it would be nice to be able to set the animation resources limit to a higher value, do you have a project setting for that?



Could the resources run out because it’s several animations on one single particle?
Eg. gui.animate on rotation, scale and color etc?



There are three animations - fade in, fade out and move, but only two of them will be active at the same time (as you might guess…) Even if the resources from fade in haven’t been recollected before fade out it still shouldn’t add up to 1024…



Actually, the scene is quite animation intensive even without particles (and there are several particle effect happening in sequence after each other) - so if animation resources are not freed after an animation has been finished it might be that the total number of animations in the scene adds up to 1024.



IIRC animating “position” produces 3 animations, while animating “position.x” produces 1 animation. Check that you only animate the specific components you need.



That makes sense, I will definitely look at at removing animations in the z-axis - still, is there a way to increase the limit?



I’d also like to know if i can increase this. I have a lot of animating to do of GUI nodes (around 3000 very small animations).



… I am still curious about this! it’s a big deal for me.

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We can probably add this as a variable to the gui scene yes.



I’m getting quite comfortable creating games in GUI only, so setting this limit would be valuable to me too.

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Also important change for making in engine level editors, it is a frustrating obstacle.



We will make the max animation count configurable (it is 1024 today). This will likely be a configuration value per component and set on the gui component itself (next to the max node count).

We are also investigating if we can increase the max node count. The max node count is connected to how we generate the render key for a node and it is used together with several other values to generate the key.



I promise to make something really beautiful once i can animate the x and y of 3000 GUI nodes

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Can I ask what you’re planning to do? Even for a game 3000 animated objects is a bit unusual.



Small maps that each represent one level of my game are going to slowly unfold on the level select screen. Each map is made of around 10 - 50 GUI nodes with the X, Y and scale animated individually. I’ve tried it with just one level map and it looks very Harry Potter. But it starts to struggle even with just 10 levels



Sounds cool. The 1024 limit is quickly reached if each node has three animations playing. 10 levels x 50 nodes x 3 animations = 1500 animations

Couldn’t this be done with game objects?



There was some specific reason that it couldn’t be done with GOs, but I am struggling to remember what it was now. It is a GUI element in the sense that it’s buttons on screen that you click. Okay, i will think about doing this with GOs.



We will look into increasing the max node count soon. I can’t promise it will be included in the next release though.

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