Error Failed to rename '._httptmp' to ''\n"

I have this error in poki dashboard.
8% of user.
I look at source code it is a html request, I make request for downloading live update.
If I understand right this error not break game. I have no idea how to reproduce it.

I want to understand why this happened and what it mean.

“DEFOLD:ERROR:SCRIPT: Failed to rename ‘._httptmp’ to ‘’\n”

It looks like this is related to when you download direct to file:

local external_data = {
	name = "", ---Name for zip archive
	path = "./"  ---Here we indicate the path to the file. I set root folder

local VERSION = 11

---We make requests for data until we receive it
---@param data external_data
---@param index number
---@param attempt number|nil
local function request_data(data, index, attempt)
	attempt = attempt or 1
	http.request(data.path .., "GET", function(self, id, response)
		if (response.status == 200 or response.status == 304) and response.error == nil and response.response ~= nil then
			on_file_received(data, response.response, index)
		elseif attempt <= ATTEMPT_COUNT then
			---If unsuccessful, I make several attempts to load the data.
			attempt = attempt + 1
			timer.delay(0.1, false, function()
				request_data(data, index, attempt)
			on_error(data, response.error)

request_data(external_data, VERSION)

I am loading liveupdate archive. I do not need response.path variable I use only response.response.

And I have only one place with http.request in game

Most errors from safari desktop and mobile.

But also some chrome.

Also some Edge browser)

Interesting. For web you not use path value, only timeout.
You get timeout from options table but not use it?

Looks like path required. But you not set it value in http js version. What value have m_Path now.

So 8% of user get empty string ‘’ in m_path, and 92% of user have 0 in m_path value.

I can be wrong but in js version of http.requests you can’t use path.

Mb you need set it to 0 here?

Possibly yes. Let’s ask @JCash for input. Could you please also create a ticket on GH for this?

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Create 2 issues.