Enter the Infinite - Idle game with Spaceships!


Hey guys!

As promised a few months ago in the introduce yourself thread, i am now ready to show you what i’m working on. Just in time for the GDC Contest.

Enter the Infinite (working title) is an incremental / idle game where you take the role of an interstellar bounty hunter. You start with a rather small spaceship and try to reach the highest sector possible.

Like most incremental games you can either let the game play itself and only upgrade your ship from time to time. But you are also able to play the game actively by using skills and marking high-priority targets to progress faster and further in your current run.

The main focus will be the customization of your ship. You will have access to lots of equipment, skills and perks to focus your build on various idle or active strategies and try to find combos for most effective progress.

In the end-game you will command huge capital-ships with multiple main cannons, point-defense, hangars and support-systems.

Another main aspect is the presentation. I aim to give the player something fancy to look at even when idling, like some sort of space aquarium with fireworks. :relaxed:

You can play the current version here:

As you can see the game is currently optimized for mobile, but i will soon start working on a proper desktop-version. Although i was able to reuse some assets from older projects the game still contains quite a lot of placeholder-assets for which i will need the help of a graphic artist at some point. This is especially true for the spaceships.

Most core features are actually implemented so one of the next tasks is to create more content to keep the game interesting even beyond sector 1000.

Feedback of any kind is very welcome, especially any hints to improve the UI and gameplay.

And here are some screenshots:

Defold GDC Competition 2017: The winning games

I’m not quite sure what to say… I like the game to the point where I’m mad there’s no mention of an iPhone release!


Don’t worry. iOS is planned. :smiley:

It’s just that developing for iOS is not as easy and cheap as it is for Android or PC. I simply avoided to spend quite a significant amount of money on apple products and services as long as i wasn’t sure if i will ever use their stuff to release something.

But with this game steadily reaching a point where a release is foreseeable, i definitely want to include iOS too at some point.


Impressive! My kids recently started playing Tap Titans 2 which got me interested in this type of casual clicker games. I think your game shows a lot of potential. Keep it up!


Thanks. The interesting thing is that the idle clicker genre is not as casual as it seems:

Given this article and the many (hard)core gamers i know who play such games i think there is still a lot to explore in this genre.


Interesting article. I can see how idle clickers can appeal to other groups than the casual gamer. Tap Titans 2 has a surprising amount of depth in the way you have to try to min-max the abilities, items and spells of your heroes, which will appeal to RPG or MMO players just like the article suggests.


This one is really cool:



Oh yes, I love Spaceplan!


I liked that one too and how they integrated some sort of story.


curse you @sicher, cant stop playing it. :smiley:


Indeed. If you play it long enough you reach an end of the story that is really nice and well thought out.


Small bug report on html version - sometimes there are 1px wide empty spaces between background borders visible. http://xorboo.com/i/vjx0b.png
// I’m already playing this game more than i should, its really cool.


Thank you very much. :thumbsup:
I will look into it tomorrow, and update the game when the contest is over.


True. When i played it a few months ago i expected a genre-typical endless game so i was quite surprised when i reached an actual end of the game.


Hey guys, here is my first update! :smiley:

Best things first: I replaced all my selfmade spaceship-sprites with much better ones. Those were created by Cycerin, a modder for the game Starsector and are licensed under Creative Commons / Attrib / Noncommercial. Those should be sufficient until i found an artist.

If you like his designs and want to use them too you can find his stuff here:

There also is a new module which buffs all support-items like shields and armor. With those it should be possible to advance much further. Currently shields should be stronger than armor because i have not yet implemented damage-types and armor-repair. But when those features are finished, specific enemies will require different protection which rewards active playing.

Furthermore i fixed some issues and did some perfomance tweaking because the biggest ship now has a whopping 5 main weapon and 3 point defense slots which spit out much more projectiles than before. But i have to invest more time here because on my smartphone it still slows down a bit and my drawcalls are way too much if i want to support older devices.

Oh, and in settings there is a ‘cheat’-button now to test things faster. But use with caution, there is a bug lurking when you have lots of items, which i will fix in the next few days.


Wow, those spaceships look really great!


Hi @Daggett. Do you continue developing that game. It is realy awesome, and i want to play it when it will be done=)