Defold GDC Competition 2017: The winning games


Addition: TouchArcade plays the winning games

Hi all!

We are very pleased to announce the six winning games of the Defold GDC competition. But before so; I’d just like to, once again, express my deepest gratitude to you all for participating. The number of entries increased manyfold this year, compared to last year’s competition. And the Defold community has once again created fun, weird, high-quality, sometimes scary, intriguing, creative games—and even though we unfortunately this year could only have six winning games; don’t stop working on your game if you believe in it.

So without further ado: here are the six winning games with no internal order.

Hook, Line and Thinker

By: Connor Halford, Andrew Dodds

Hook, Line and Thinker is an 8-bit fishing puzzle game made in the UK. The goal in this cute and colourful underwater world is to catch a wide array of sea creatures with unique characteristics, which together create complex and engaging puzzles. There are 30 challenging levels including 3 boss puzzles to reel players into this addictively fun game.

Bring me Cakes

By: Alexander Titkov, Alexey Gulev, Vyacheslav Borovik

A puzzle adventure game for mobile platforms and web. You are playing for a Little Red Riding Hood who is walking to her lovely granny, carrying cakes for her.
Comes from a Belarusian team with Flash, web-games and mobile background.

Pet Petters

By: Seepia Games

This idle game of collecting and petting the happiest pets is not only super cute and relaxing, it’s also highly addictive! Made with love in Finland, Pet Petters is available on Android with more platforms coming soon.

Smash Bash: Date with the Desert

By: Rising Wave

This pixel-art rogue-like shooter looks ambitious, feels ambitious and is made by an experienced remote team from Moscow, Krakow and Melbourne. Date with the Desert is the first installment based on the universe the team is working on. There will be more games with same locations and characters, but in other genres.

Enter the Infinite

By: Sascha Kemper

Idle game focusing on intense space battles and great customization. It’s currently in development by a small German team and will be available for web and mobile devices.

Beyond the Fairy Tale

By: Oleg Selyukov, Dmitry Chesnokov, Daria Nasretdinova

This game is a rare opportunity to taste old Russian fairy tales setting. Add casual role-playing elements, card battles and get a unique game that will be appreciated on the market. It is quite early in development, but there’s a demo to enjoy beautiful art and good 30 minutes of game play.

If you are reading this and want to learn about Defold, click here to read more!


Hook, Line and Thinker (8 devlogs)

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to everyone who participated! I’m sure the judges had a hard time picking only six favourites among all of the great games submitted.



Major congratulations to all the games involved. I had no idea that hook line and sinker was made with defold. I’ll see you all next year :wink:



Congratulations guys, have an awesome time @ GDC!

P.S: thanks to the defold team for organizing this thing



Congrats guys can’t wait to play each individual game. Enjoy your time at GDC!!!



Congratulations guys !!!



(seriously… everywhere I’ve seen it, “hook, line and thinker” is described as a pico8 game, including on the author’s own twitter).



Congratulations to the winners!

And very special thanks to Defold and the Defold staff for making the engine, making it free, and making this contest!

Thank you guys!



We received a Defold version. It was probably a fairly quick port from Pico 8 to Defold since both use Lua.



I agree with each word!

Was Amazing!!!



Congrats guys!
All the games look really good! :slight_smile:
can’t wait to play them all
And thanks to Defold for organizing sth like this. Winners or not I believe everyone had fun!



Sorry for the confusion. Hook, Line and Thinker started as (and still is) a PICO-8 game. I wanted to do mobile versions at some point and heard about Defold and this competition 3 weeks before deadline, worked like mad to port it in time and now we’re actually one of the winners!

I’m now developing the PICO-8 and Defold versions simultaneously. We’ll be releasing the PICO-8 version on the Lexaloffle forum and as HTML5, plus the Defold version on Android and hopefully iOS. Obviously we could just release the Defold version online too, but the technical restrictions of PICO-8 are a huge part of the style of this game and we want to remain true to those limitations :slight_smile:



Congratulations to all the winners.



Congratulations to the winners! I’m very interested in testing all of these games!



Talk about your experience with Defold some in the PICO-8 community? I think it has never been mentioned on that forum ever. Many there would benefit from it to take PICO-8 games to more distributed releases



Thank you for explaining the process Connor! I just love the kind of old-school restrictions that virtual consoles/computers like the PICO-8 set for you as a developer!



Would be very interesting to compare HTML5 performance of Defold vs your PICO-8 version. Please do post something as you have a chance to check it out.



Some of the winning projects are on TouchArcade:

And a proofpic it did really happen:



hey guys,

where to find BEYOND THE FAIRY TALE? cant find that game in store/web etc.

Anyone a link?



Good question. Maybe @Oleg_The_Evangelist or @Axel has a link?