Engine build took so long

I don’t know how Defold build works. Sometimes it takes so long to finish the build.

2024-06-22 22:05:38 INFO    Generating the resource graph 

2024-06-22 22:05:39 INFO    Generating the resource graph took 1.255000 s 

2024-06-22 22:05:39 INFO    Creation of the excluded resources list. 

2024-06-22 22:05:39 INFO    Creation of the excluded resources list took 0.000000 s 

2024-06-22 22:05:45 INFO    GameProjectBuilder.createArchive 

2024-06-22 22:05:45 FINE    PluginScanner searching com.dynamo.bob.archive for base class class com.dynamo.bob.archive.ResourceEncryptionPlugin 

2024-06-22 22:05:51 INFO    GameProjectBuilder.createArchive took 5.756000 

2024-06-22 22:05:51 INFO    buildManifestData begin 

2024-06-22 22:05:51 INFO    ManifestBuilder.buildManifestData took 0.031000 

2024-06-22 22:05:51 INFO    Writing the resource graph to json 

2024-06-22 22:05:52 INFO    Writing the resource graph to json took 0.032000 s 

2024-06-22 22:15:24 INFO    Engine build took 659.369000 s 

Is it due to network issue or something? How can I improve the build time?

You can try to build locally using Extender. I’m always using Extender while developing.


Any easy guides for Windows users. It’s quite miracle to me T_T

As far as I know, unfortunately, no. It is quite easy on macOS for a local server, but for Windows, you’ll need Docker. If you’ve never used Docker before, I don’t recommend starting with Extender. It is not very hard, but you need to learn at least the basics first. Then you can use the Docker file. (Docker is just a virtual machine, in this case you can run Linux on Windows)

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Running Docker is not the hard part. I’m stuck at the first step
" 1. Download and prepare required packages"

Okay, great! Then you can figure it out.

I haven’t used Extender with Docker before, but someone else might be able to help with that. Could you provide more details about the problem? There’s a tool for packaging those SDKs; have you tried using it?

It seems I should run it on a WSL.

I’m following this instruction https://github.com/defold/defold/tree/dev/scripts/package but not figure out what should I pass for --package-path argument in this command:
./scripts/build.py --package-path=<local_folder_or_url> install_sdk --platform=<platform>

I think @JCash might help