Editor crashes on startup with hs_err_pid.log



Recently the Defold editor started crashing for me right after the splash screen, and a java crash log appears:

hs_err_pid13736.txt (58.8 KB)

I’m not sure exactly when this started happening since I didn’t use the editor for a couple of months, so probably due to some java update in between?

I have the latest editor version 1.2.173 and I tried updating both my JRE and JDK to the latest.

Any ideas? :smiley:

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And it works if you revert to 1.2.172?

You should not need these for the editor as we bundle a stripped down version of OpenJDK 11.0.1 for use by the editor.



These lines from the callstack suggest that something goes wrong when getting an OpenGLES function:

j jogamp.opengl.egl.EGLContext.dispatch_eglGetProcAddress0(Ljava/lang/String;J)J+0
j jogamp.opengl.egl.EGLContext.eglGetProcAddress(JLjava/lang/String;)J+18
j jogamp.opengl.egl.EGLDynamicLibraryBundleInfo.toolGetProcAddress(JLjava/lang/String;)J+2

It doesn’t seem to print the name of the function it is trying to get though.
Since it’s graphics related, perhaps there’s something to do with your graphics driver?



Nope, just tried it. Also I updated to 1.2.173 after I started having this problem hoping that there would be a fix, so I got it on an earlier version, can’t remember which exactly…

This I am 99% sure I did not update since the editor was last working. After getting the problem I tried updating that as well, now on GeForce 456.38. But I’m still getting the crash…

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Sorry for the bump, but is there anything else I could check? :slight_smile:



This JOGL issue, although on Linux Mint, mentions duplicate drivers installed, one for OpenGL and one for OpenCL. I saw that you have Nvidia GPU Computing Toolkit (CUDA) on your path. Is that something which you have installed recently?



Thanks for the response :slight_smile:

I did have CUDA installed, but for a long time during which I was using Defold normally. I uninstalled it just in case and nope, same issue.



Could these lines from the crash log mean that it’s somehow running out of memory?

  Non-class:     28.77 MB capacity,    28.25 MB ( 98%) used,   443.76 KB (  2%) free+waste,    93.19 KB ( <1%) overhead. 
      Class:      3.97 MB capacity,     3.63 MB ( 92%) used,   298.61 KB (  7%) free+waste,    45.31 KB (  1%) overhead. 
       Both:     32.74 MB capacity,    31.88 MB ( 97%) used,   742.37 KB (  2%) free+waste,   138.50 KB ( <1%) overhead. 

Virtual space:
  Non-class space:       30.00 MB reserved,      29.00 MB ( 97%) committed 
      Class space:        1.00 GB reserved,       4.00 MB ( <1%) committed 
             Both:        1.03 GB reserved,      33.00 MB (  3%) committed 

How could I add commandline args to java in order to try more things?



In your editor folder, you’ll find a “config” file, which has the startup settings for the app.