Editor crashes on Mac


I have experienced a lot more Editor crashes lately. It might be that I’m using the Editor a lot more, sleeping, resuming so sometimes I feel that it’s connected to that, but I’m also adding more images etc. So my question is, can I provide any useful information rather than just filling in the automated crash reports that gets sent to Apple?

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Are you using Mojave? Does this sound like what happens to you when it crashes:

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Yeah, I think I do. I’ll try the suggested work-around and report back!

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It doesn’t seem to have solved it to add it to the Accessibility list. Here’s the crash if it helps.

Repro step:

  1. Open Defold and my project
  2. Go to File -> Synchronize
  3. After 1-2 seconds after the login popup appears, the editor crashes.

java_2019-02-01-115822_Gregors-MacBook-Pro.crash.zip (25.0 KB)



I managed to get it to not crash now with these desperate “random” steps:

  1. Go to the Dashboard and generate a new token
  2. Sync git outside Defold
  3. Update to latest Defold (I think I was one version behind)

File -> Synchronize… now worked! Not sure it will hold, but still… and this is with Defold removed from the Accessibility list.

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I’ve found that you can log in to your account from the project select menu and it won’t crash.