Editor crashes on Mac


I have experienced a lot more Editor crashes lately. It might be that I’m using the Editor a lot more, sleeping, resuming so sometimes I feel that it’s connected to that, but I’m also adding more images etc. So my question is, can I provide any useful information rather than just filling in the automated crash reports that gets sent to Apple?


Are you using Mojave? Does this sound like what happens to you when it crashes:


Yeah, I think I do. I’ll try the suggested work-around and report back!


It doesn’t seem to have solved it to add it to the Accessibility list. Here’s the crash if it helps.

Repro step:

  1. Open Defold and my project
  2. Go to File -> Synchronize
  3. After 1-2 seconds after the login popup appears, the editor crashes.

java_2019-02-01-115822_Gregors-MacBook-Pro.crash.zip (25.0 KB)


I managed to get it to not crash now with these desperate “random” steps:

  1. Go to the Dashboard and generate a new token
  2. Sync git outside Defold
  3. Update to latest Defold (I think I was one version behind)

File -> Synchronize… now worked! Not sure it will hold, but still… and this is with Defold removed from the Accessibility list.