Editor 2: In-editor debugger


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We’ve just shipped the first version of an in-editor debugger for editor 2, available in the latest update!

This is the initial release of a quite big piece of functionality, and while there are lots of things we still want to do with it, we believe that it is now in a state that can provide a lot of value and benefit from more real-world usage.

As always, we are really interested in and appreciative of your feedback, so if you give it a go and find issues or have feature requests, please report them as usual on editor2-issues.

Some features:

  • One-click, zero-config “Run project with debugger”
  • Supports attaching to and debugging remote target on device
  • Inspect call stack
  • Inspect variables, including diving into tables
  • Evaluate arbitrary lua code at breakpoint

10 second crash-course:

  • To run your project with the debugger: select “Debug > Start with Debugger” (or F5)
  • To place a breakpoint: Click to the right of the line number in the code editor gutter (or F9).

Known issues:

  • 1517: Debugger cannot determine names of script component lifecycle functions (init/update/etc)
  • 1518: Evaluating a Lua expression does not have intended side-effects
  • 1519: Debugger does not break on breakpoints in builtins
  • 1520: Weird menu rendering artefact for “Stop Debugger” menu item

ZeroBrane doesn't handle .script files

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