Hello everybody :slight_smile:

I’ve started to use your wonderful game engine since January and I definitely found it really great.

This is the latest game I made with it - and maybe this can be fun enough to share it in this forum session. It’s a simple pixel art tennis-like game (more a pong-like game, worn with a tennis outfit, to be honest) in which you have just to slide your finger left/right to move your player.
In case you wonder, it’s free (with an Interstitial - powered by Enhance - after each game, that lasts a single match) - and if you like to give it a try you can find it here:



Thanks for your great work (and for your constant efforts to improve and enrich editor and samples). In the splash screen of this game (and of the remastered version of iOS Chalk Up!) I’ve used one of your “made with Defold” images - I hope it can help to spread your engine between game programmers (both pro and simple amateur)



Short review:

Very nice!


thanks :slight_smile:


Great job! :smiley:
Is it coming for iOS?

edit: DOH, too early, missed the second link! :man_facepalming:


yes (and thanks :slight_smile: ) - second link is for iOS version on AppStore :slight_smile:


html5 and facebook instant games versions perhaps?
cross-platform is easy with Defold =]


yes - one of the many reason I love it .-) - but this is a strict “slide your finger” kind of game - of course I used the mouse during development - but it’s harder and less fun.
No reason anyway to avoid html5 version on community games page so it’s possible to give it a try without installing anything - I’ll do it on lunch break (or more probable tonight)
thx for your suggestion


[Q] can you port your iOS game to HTML5?
[A] yeah, why not, will do it on lunch break

guess we at Defold team can take this dialog as a testimony that we’re handling things well =]


eh eh - you definitely are :slight_smile:


here we are: https://www.defold.com/community/projects/103165/

(not able to do it during lunch break because I wanted to change resolution - and I had to remove extensions - not useful with html5.
Anyway really few minutes of work :slight_smile: thanks to your remote build system once I submitted the changes - temporary - on your git service)


The game is super fast on html5, like almost double speed vs android.

But I have to say I like it that way too :slight_smile:


uh - I checked it only with Chrome/Firefox on my Win PC and it runs fine - but I didn’t test it on Safari/Mac (is that your situation?) - I’ll give it a look when I’m back from work - maybe I’ve to try dynamic dt or something else (I use fixed - and I have to set a different value for fps for Android/rest of the build to see the same speed - never got why)
Anyway thanks :slight_smile:


Are you using any native extensions?


Yes, but I removed them for HTML5 build (I use enhance and gamecenter ones)


Ok. The reason I ask is that native extension builds will always become debug builds. You can change this by using an app.manifest. And html5 debug builds have webgl error checking enabled and that’s slow on chrome. If you have no extension, have you then made sure to check the release checkbox when bundling html5?


Well I used your build system thru community page (I mean, I made the changes, I sync, then I made your page build html5 version, then I tried it) - so I actually don’t know (even if I can suppose it’s release version the default version you build)
thanks for info about extensions - I didn’t know/recall


and - well I use Chrome and Firefox - and there I see the normal speed (I didn’t see it double speed anywhere so far - tacklemcclean did - and I supposed it saw it on Safari/Mac - because I didn’t check it - I used it only on W10 - Chrome/Firefox)
[added] I checkek even Edge right now and it’s fast as expected (I didn’t have a Mac here - so that I cannot try)


Yes, I would also expect it to be a release version, right @samuel.nystedt and @nasthu?


I tested on Chrome, Windows 10


uh - same situation I’ve got here (where speed is right). So it’s not (or not just) Browser/OS related.
I should try (tonight) to use variable dt - probably (here) it keeps anyway a time ratio - that’s not yours