osx here with chrome, and seems to be working fine


Thanks for your check .-)
So it seems an odd problem - I’ll try in every mixed condition I could think to find more about this issue


I have latest OSX installed.

Tried with latest version of Chrome, Firefox and Safari and it works as expected (nice job btw!)

Could it be a problem with the graphic driver and vsync?


I was curious, so I found the link to play it straight from the browser and tried on Safari on iOS and it works super smooth. Sound seems to be missing and the canvas tends to follow the touch but it’s working great performance wise!


thanks :slight_smile:
well I don’t know - @tacklemcclean in the last post said it was using Chrome on W10 (OSX was my idea - because I didn’t try it HTML5 version on that OS) - but I guess it could be.
I mean - I know something is not right (game was designed for 30fps and with that speed it works well on iOS Win and OSX - but I had to set to 60fps for HTML5 - that’s not correct - because that version with 30fps it was faster (!) - but setting to 60fps it worked fine so I kept it that way) - so I’m sure there’s a chance something could go wrong as he said. But at the moment I’m out of ideas of how to test it


uh - no sound on iOS - as web version? That could depends on sound format and quality (I used ogg - and 44mhz - maybe it’s not fine on mobile browser)
Thanks for your time for these tests :slight_smile:


Is smooth now! Normal speed confirmed.


ah :slight_smile: very good then :slight_smile:


By the way: the top GUI gets hidden by the notch on iPhone X :frowning:


uh - sorry :expressionless: - I didn’t had the chance to see it run on that device
How do the other games handle this thing - if I can ask?


I’d say that it’s probably enough to just push the top part of the GUI down to the safe area. The iPhone X guidelines contains more info.


thx .-) - I’ll check and change it


Yes, it’s the release version.


Hi - in case you still care, there’s now a updated version of easySoccer for iOS that should handle better iPhoneX display. Thanks again for your note :slight_smile:




yes sorry .-) easySoccer is absolutely another game (an old one - and not related, but for the prefix)


Not a big deal, but I noticed something else while playing the game – which is that a lot of out balls were counted as in. If the ball lands on the alley lines (shown below), it counts as out – unless you’re playing doubles.


thanks - you’re right. I’ll check and fix in the next update :slight_smile: