Dynamic Convex Hull Shape

Is it possible to make and attach runtime convex hull shape?

For collisions you mean?


Currently not possible, but we have it on our todo list.


I thought tilemaps might make an interesting grid solution for a more easily modifiable larger collision body but it seems like tilemaps can’t collide with tilemaps or am I doing something wrong? The tilemap_hero does collide with the sphere before it falls through the static tilemap, and it has the same settings as it other than using tilemap for collision…

TilemapHull.zip (7.1 KB)


This is strange. To try to make your example project work I separated everything so hero and map had their own tile source and .png. Still the two tile maps won’t collide!

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Hi, is this still on the todo list or is it actively being developed? Thank you.

It is still on the todo list. You should be able to switch to this alternative Box2D integration where I’m guessing it is possible to create shapes at runtime:

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