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Hi, I’m new to Defold and have been hitting the books (the manual and the reference) to change that. However, ever so often I stumble upon very noticeable grammatical errors or places where a couple words or html tags have obviously been left out. I’d like to help my fellow researching developers to-be who may come after me, so I normally suggest the correction, using the orange button in the bottom right. However, I’ve recently noticed a contribute button with the github logo, and I’m curious about which of the two options I should select, in terms of priority for fixing. As the sudden grammatical errors really throw off my flow when reading, and makes it quite difficult to [continue to] digest the information, especially when its smack dab in the middle of something that seems extra important.

Thanks for your time

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This is great! We go through these suggestions from time to time and make batch updates.

This is even better as it removes some of the work we do above, but it requires a bit more work on your part to edit the files and submit pull requests with the changes.

BUT either case is good! We really appreciate all contributions to our documentation, not matter how they are contributed!

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Alright, I’ll use the github one when I have the time and the normal one when I don’t. Thanks for your quick response