Distort label


using collectionfactory

I made several labels and placed them down
Then the letters on the labels below began to distort.
I dont know why :cold_sweat:
Help me please



This is very likely caused by lack of precision in the font shader. In the image to the right you’ve scrolled 3000 pixels from origin and this can be enough to cause these kinds of problems in shaders unless the precision is increased. The font shaders use mediump for position. You probably need to change this to highp or change how you render your game. I’m assuming this is some kind of scrolling list? Could you maybe always keep what is on screen closer to 0,0?



Yes I was making a scrolling list
I don’t know how to make it close to (0, 0)
I will think about it more
thank you :cold_sweat:



You should put all list elements in a root element, move the root element when scrolling and keep the camera fixed at 0,0.

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oh! :open_mouth:
i will try it
thank you!