"Disabled by default" option for GOs in editor



How about adding a “Disabled by default” checkbox in the “Properties” panel of a game object? If this checkbox is checked, the game object will be disabled once it gets ready (or simply not enable at the beginning). Also the content of this game object won’t be shown in the editor’s preview (like what the action “Hide Objects” does).

Then, there is no need to write code to disable everything when initializing (e.g. in the function init() in a manager’s script). That would provide some convenience, especially in the case of making menus and scenes.




+1, it has been requested before.






Yes, please!






This seems like a popular feature! And I do see some use-cases, although not as many as for being able to disable GUI nodes.

Hmm, should this really be the same thing? Personally I think that should be a different checkbox/option. You may want to see the game object in the editor to be able to position it and other objects in relation to the hidden object. And having one checkbox for both could result in someone forgetting to hide an object after temporarily enabling it in the editor.

It’s great that the community adds their voice here on the forum, but I’d really like to see this kind of voting on GitHub as well. It will help us prioritise issues by sorting on issues with the most “thumbs up”. GitHub issues:

Checkbox on GO and/or components: https://github.com/defold/defold/issues/4853

Disable GUI nodes: https://github.com/defold/defold/issues/3232



Be careful what you wish for! I’ve looked through most of the issues, thumbed up a few and added a couple new feature requests too. Let’s all pile in there! :monkey_face: :metal::+1::+1::+1:

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I think this is great! It’s definitely one of the things I’ve missed over the years when the source code and issues weren’t available.

And while we do have our roadmap pretty set for 2020 the input from you guys will help us set the direction later this year when we look ahead!