Depth Map

I’m currently exploring ways to integrate depth maps with images to create 2.5D effects similar to what you can see on I’m interested in achieving dynamic perspective shifts in images based on user input or device movement, creating a more immersive visual experience.

Has anyone here worked on similar effects? Any guidance, tutorials, or sample projects that you could share would be incredibly helpful. Specifically, I’m looking for advice on how to process and overlay depth maps on images to simulate depth.

I’m curious.

In my mind those images that you gave examples of, are “rasterized” with the goal of being small and reasonably portable. I mean, as a contrast of shipping a full game+ game engine to the consumer.

And, from that view, I wonder why go all that way, when you can control the transforms of your sprites or 3d models dynamically in realtime?

why go all that way

I`ve generated a few images like this and they work “fine” there and are super cheap to generate.

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