Defold to develop Rhythm based games


Ive been really enjoying Dancing Line, Dancing Ball (Unreleased) and The Geometry dash games alot lately and thought I could make my own with some DST(Deceased Superior Technision) tracks and other free cc music. How would I go about or rather whats the best way to handle music? can music be pause? reversed? or set to a specific time. The Sound documentation seams a bit limited unless that is the limit.


The built in support for playing sounds is pretty bare-bones. You can play wav and ogg files, once or looped and you can control the volume. And that’s it!

There is however both an OpenAL and an FMOD extension in our Asset Portal that can do more.


Ill take a look. Thanks


I’ve always thought making a drum machine would be pretty cool and not too much of a challenge.


+1, I’m planning on making a simple game with some interesting effects. One of those being a weapon which adjusts it’s fire rate based on the current song’s bpm and matches, or at least harmonizes with it.


That could be done using loops and volume control! Sounds interesting!