Defold stops responding on Windows


Please somebody let me know that recommended computer specification for defold.
my desk top have lots of ‘no response’
There are Very Very Fantastic Games in my head.
I want to show you that.

help me


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What do you mean by this?

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When i start and running the defold, suddenly this program is suspended.

What kind of computer do you have? OS, CPU, memory etc?

CPU: Intel Core i5 2500
M/B: A236
Memory(RAM): DDR3 4G PC3- 12800
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics


Those specs should likely be enough to run Defold without any problems. We have many users that use Defold daily on Windows so there’s no known widespread problem with Defold on Windows.

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I have the same issue. I create a game using New Desktop or Mobile game. When I press F5 the game window opens but it goes to not responding state.

Also my console shows the following no error I can see:

I am using the latest Defold (1.3.4) and my PC has Windows 10 installed with the latest updates. I have 16 GB RAM and GeForce GTX-1080 GC

I believe this is a known issue with the new profiler and is currently being looked at.

There is an open issue for it over on GitHub

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Thanks Ben, yes, it looks very similar to my case

You could try one of the older releases before the new profiler was added and see if it has the same issue to confirm.

You could also try enabling a custom app manifest in the game.project which disables the profiler and see if that helps Defold App Manifest generator

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Could you please try the latest beta and see if you have the same problem?

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Getting the same issue with the latest beta- Defold Engine 1.3.5 (1bbbf68)

Not Responsive after build cntrl+B and debug F5 .

build worked once out of 10 try’s and after exiting the window the dmengine did not close and had to manually kill the process.

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Thanks! Yes, this is what we’ve received reports of as well. We’ll continue investigating the shutdown process.