Defold Slack is open!

Hey all! Cool news – we just launched the official Defold Slack channel!

Whaat? Why?
Yeah! It’s been a requested feature for some time now, and we figured we’ll give it a try.

Great, so I can ask all my tech questions here instead of the forum?
Well, not really. The thing is – the core team already spends a lot of time supporting the community (and are amazing at doing so!), and giving them another channel where they are expected to answer Defold questions would mean giving them less time to work on and improve the actual engine. Which is why the decision was made to keep tech questions in the forum, and view the Slack channel more of a way to get to know your fellow Defolders better.

​Ok, that’s fair. But what – is tech talk forbidden?
No, of course not! You can still ask, and answer tech questions yourself.

Awesome! Where do I find it?
Right here!


Love that :wink:

Online on Slack Defold :wink:


How often send invites to chat?

I tried two different email address, but not received an invite.

Weird. Check your spam filter. I think this is handled by Slack, not the Defold team. @Erik_Honn, do you know?

spam folder is empty…

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gmail… i’m still waiting for an email. Spam folder is empty. Please check this issue.

i tried gmail and yandex


Same here no email received.

Best Regards,

Same problem on my end

Has this been resolved? I’m waiting for an invite as well after using two different emails…

Everyone is on vacation, but attempting to ping @Erik_Honn, @Erik_Honn1, @Sara, @saracederberg, or @sicher might help resolve the issue.


+1 here. I tried joining with email, no invite yet. Thanks jakob.pogulis for being on top of it :slight_smile:

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Hey all, sorry for the long wait (of course it broke right as people went on vacation). We hit a limitation in the Slack api regarding invites, a spam-warning of sorts, but they have been kind enough to remove the limit for us. So now everyone should be able to get in!

Just enter your email again att and you shuld be set

@vaal, @donnieblurr, @brandon, @Tomires, @ArmandCloud, @Braga_Basil


Sorry to raise a dead thread, but going to doesn’t seem to do anything for me. There’s no way to enter an email address or anything like that.

The mobile version of the page seems to cut off all of or parts of the signup field. Ping @samuel.nystedt and @Axel.

Try desktop version and see if that helps. You should also be able to signup from within the Slack App

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Good find, I’ll add a fix to the backlog :+1:

@drewM – does it work for you when you’re on Desktop?

I hadn’t thought to check the desktop, but yes it does. I’ve been trying to join on my phone. I was able to enter my email, then go on my phone and click the link slack sends to my email. Good to go, thank you.

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Cool, glad you got it sorted out

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Sorry to bring up this old thread but are you still sending invitations for slack? i can’t enter with my email.

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Huh. I’ve updated with a working invite link: