Defold running on Android Q, please consider it


Would you please consider developing a Defold version that runs on Android Q on a mobile phone?

Android Q has a desktop mode that allows an external display to be attached to mobile.

Or simply run this Defold version directly on a foldable Android Q mobile phone.

In this Android Q Defold version, mouse point/click will be displaced by screen touches.

Developers could than develop a game using Defold on Android Q mobile phone, then test/run the game on the same phone.

Windows/mac/linux/hard keyboard/hard mouse are NOT needed.

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We will of course make sure that Defold works on Android Q. Have you tried Defold on a beta of beta Q?

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Not yet. There will be quite a few new Android phones to be released this year. I am evaluating a suitable one with Android Q.



In case I did not make it clear.
Please consider making Defold as an Android App and release it in Google Play, but compatible with Android Q.



You mean the editor? That is likely never going to happen.

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Yes. I meant the editor. But, you answered my question already. Thanks.

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