Defold remembers open tabs


So I have many tabs that I have to open while working on my game. :heart_eyes: And that certainly drained my time when I finished working and started working on my game the next day again. I have to open many of those tabs again and sort them one by one. :cry: Can you add a feature so that Defold remembers all the tabs that were opened…?? :smiley: So when defold is closed and opened again, the tabs that I opened before did not disappear but remained open. One more. Please provide a feature so that the tab can be moved around. :blush:

Thanks. :innocent::innocent:



Remembering tabs is on our list of features that are of lower complexity and we want to add as soon as possible.

Moving tabs will have to wait a bit longer. A compromise might be keyboard shortcuts to move tabs left and right.



Glad to hear that. It’s especially bothersome now that the editor often starts with the assets pane closed from last time.