Defold ❤ Summer


We’ve had really good weather here in Sweden for the last month or so. So far one of the warmest pre-summer months ever recorded! While it may be cause for concern for the future us Swedes have made the most of the warm and long days.

This leads us into the topic of summer vacations. The entire team will not go on summer vacation at the same time, some of us start our vacation immediately after Midsummer (on Friday) and some later in July. The reduced staffing of the Defold team will have two (three) consequences:

  1. You may experience longer response times in from now until mid-August if you reach out to anyone in the team, here on the forum or on Slack.
  2. While we will continue to do bi-weekly releases, the releases will contain fewer new features and bug fixes.
  3. As an added bonus you’ll get a fully recharged Defold team when everyone is back in August. Expect great things this autumn and winter!

Defold 1.2.135 release postponed - And a look forward