Defold keeps asking me to install git


I’m recently upgraded to Catalina and now I see this darn thing too. Has anyone found a solution?
I’m not interested in integrating with git, I just want to avoid this popup.

Command Line Tools installed
git version 2.24.2 (Apple Git-127)



Sorry for digging up an old subject but I was encountering this issue as well and wanted to share my findings. After running the app from the terminal using “open” the message seems to be gone. Even when running from Spotlight the message does not appear. I hope this helps someone else.



Thank you for sharing your experience and a workaround. We’re working on this trying to figure out why it happens. We believe it is caused by the way we sign the app and send it for notarization with Apple. Which version of macOS are you on?



No problem at all. I am on Catalina 10.15.4.



I’ve fixed this by running this command from the terminal:

/usr/bin/git --version

Something must have authorized the program because I saw xcode something or other briefly appear in the terminal header. Since running I’m not seeing the problem (I haven’t rebooted so may only be for a short while).



How random! Running the command above solved the problem for me too. Well done for finding it!

Edit: After restarting the Mac, the problem is back. :upside_down_face:

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