Defold-input pinch ratio issue

I am using defold-input to detect the pinch gesture (I am implementing a pinch to zoom feature).
But for some reason on my device (pixel 6a) pinch ratio jumps away from the 1.0 as soon as I touch the screen with 2 fingers. I thought that pinch ration has to be 1.0 in the begining always.
You can see on the video: the gesture just begins and ratio is already 2.5, 5.0, 10.0 and so on.
This also happens when I bundle the app to android.

Is it a problem with my device? Or am I understanding the concept of pinch ratio wrong?
Sorry for the screen video, I just wanted to show how it works with fingers.

Thanks in advance!

It could be a bug. It seems like there’s some difference between the initial pressed_position and the touch position. Not sure why.

Could you please create a ticket on GitHub so that I can look into it?

Here is the ticket.
Thank you very much!

Thank you a lot for the fix! It works right now indeed. :partying_face:
Do you plan to make a release of the new version of the library eventually?

Forgot about it! Here we go: Release Defold-Input 4.6.2 · britzl/defold-input · GitHub

Thank you again!