Defold HTML 5 to WordPress

I saw this youtube below and I want to do the same thing for my Defold learning blog.

Embed a Unity WebGL Game on a Wordpress Blog

Can I just export HTML 5 application, then copy it to my blog and follow same procedures on my blog ?

Any suggested welcome!

Yes, that should probably work. Give it a try!

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I have searched the key word “arcade” on the for the plugin module, resulted answer is 7 items matched, and all failed after I installed and tested.

My idea is not working to play the tutorial game on my Blog (it’s a paid version).

Embed Defold game in Wordpress pretty easy:

  1. Upload game folder to your hosting
  2. Insert HTML block in your article

    With the next HTML code:
<iframe src="https://LINK_TO_YOUR_FOLDER/index.html" width="640" height="512" scrolling="no"></iframe>

You need to replace LINK_TO_YOUR_FOLDER with link to your game folder on your hosting, also set width and height of your game.



If the HTML widget doesn’t work then try this plugin:

That was the only way to make iframe work on my blog:

Hope yours is not from, there you cant.

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This blog is working with iFrame, but the Google Blogger is failed.

This is my website, I put my first Defold game onto the website storage.

This is multilingual support as plugin default on the WordPress.


This worked for me embedding from thanks for the tip.

However, is it possible to point the player straight to the URL and have the game open in the browser? Not in an iframe, but occupying the whole viewport?