Defold gooey input in HTML5

Hi there, I’m having trouble getting text input to work in html5 on android.
It works fine on PC browser but when I test it on android, the onscreen keyboard shows up but no text appears on the input.

Any clues as to what I may be missing?

Thankyou in advance!! :slight_smile:

Okay so the onscreen keyboard does shows up on firefox android (in fullscreen mode) but no text appears. But the onscreen keyboard does not show up on chrome android.

Okay so I just tested the gooey example and the text input does not seem t work either on android.
Do you think there’s any way of getting it to work or what the problem might be?

This is when testing on a mobile browser on Android? It is as far as I know not possible to programmatically get the virtual keyboard to show, especially when you do not have an <input type="text"> field.

I think one common solution is to create your own virtual keyboard. (This is something that would be nice to have as a reusable gui component, perhaps in Gooey)

hmmm strange thing is that keyboard does show up (if you touch the input field twice) only what you type doesn’t show in the input field. :thinking: