Defold, fullscreen, and additional monitors

Is it possible to have Defold not blank out 2nd (or 3rd+…) screens when running in fullscreen, or at least have it be an option? I find while using the editor to test, going into fullscreen means I can’t use the reload functionality, and running the game as a standalone app means I can have no other apps visible/active while the game is running (including Spotify which is also muted in the background).

There are some games where you absolutely want that immersive, distraction-free experience, but IMHO there are others (especially on desktop) where you’re often doing other things (if only playing music/listening to YouTube, etc).

Also, being able to choose which monitor the game is presented on would be really helpful.

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What platform are you using?
And which method are you using for entering fullscreen? The builtin way in Defold, or using DefOS ?

I’m using macOS (Big Sur) and the built-in Defold display settings.

Ok. Well, I’m not sure what means of configurability there is for the fullscreen behavior (I’ve never looked into that code).

I would test DefOS as a workaround for entering fullscreen as a first step.
I’m not sure how it behaves either, but I think it’s easier for the community to contribute to any changes needed and as such will unblock you faster.

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We want to add support for windowed fullscreen mode:

Probably not super hard to do. Might even work out as a user contribution if anyone feels daring enough!


I can confirm DefOS works properly with multiple monitors on macOS. It enters fullscreen on the display the window is on. I think it doesn’t work ok on Windows though, but not sure.


I can confirm it works on windows too.

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