Defold Editor 2.0


Perhaps consider having a closed beta for power users. Get them playing with it now and breaking things that you weren’t anticipating.


This could be an awesome idea :wink:

Where we would applie ?:smiley:


Google play service integration one line of code sooooo coool take that unity😉


That’s definitely the plan! I will let you know when the time comes, we would greatly appreciate any help with testing.


Yes, it looks great on my retina macbook.


new engine looks very slick! will it be able to open branches made in previous versions of defold?


Absolutely yes with no problems. It is a new editor not a new engine - it targets the same engine ultimately, which will keep evolving over time itself.


Awesome! Has the scaling been tested on Windows? Some programs seem to scale just fine in OS X but don’t behave the same in Windows.


We are always fully dedicated to complete backwards compatibility on all levels. Editor 2 is no exception and you will be able to open and run old projects without any modifications.


No, we will need to verify that.


Tell us only where to apply for making test and will all be part of your test team :wink:


Any other teaser or small snippet that you can share with us?


I used the editor for a bit today and it’s starting to really shape up now. I primarily evaluated the script editor, and while it had a few quirks it was mostly functioning as expected. And to my knowledge the rest of the editor is closing in on feature parity with the existing editor. It’s gonna be exciting when we can share it with you!


That’s great to hear! Any updates on about when we might expect the new editor to be available by?


No, sorry. @Ragnar_Svensson, can you hint at a date for a first public beta test of the editor to a couple of our forum users?


Teaser-friday, eh? Is it a thing now, teaser-friday? Will it happen every week???

#teaserfriday #athing #happensweekly


Yes, the whole thing is shaping up! I would expect us to be able to take on early testers in 1-2 months, but historically I have been very wrong in the estimates. :frowning: But we are making good progress every week and the biggest challenges have finally been conquered (peppar, peppar, ta i trä), so it looks like the time left is finite now.


Isn’t “peppar, peppar” and “ta i trä” sort of “tårta på tårta”?


No more of “hängslen och livrem”


There should be a Ragnar factor you can multiply the estimate with to get a more accurate release date. I’d ask you to estimate the Ragnar factor, but yeah…