Defold Editor 2.0

Thanks. Snippets are cool, but building a smarter autocomplete is better and more fun as a project.


What is the ETA for the new editor? I’m looking forward to the new features, and that sleek lights-out theme!


It’s actually already available if you are willing to help out as a tester: Defold Editor 2.0


Oh! That’s right, thanks! Might as well give it a go.


What’s going on with Editor 2??

There has been quite some time since we did a project update, sorry about that. The reason is of course that we have been really busy fixing issues that came up during testing (thanks everyone who is helping with that!!). One of the key things about Editor2 is excellent stability, so it doesn’t make sense to cut corners but fix everything properly in a sustainable way. We will spend three more weeks fixing these issues, and then tackle remaining features like bundling games and texture profiles.

Right now we are working on:

  • Proper Windows 64-bit support - running the app in a 32-bit JVM puts it into compat-mode, with resulting issues like out-of-memory etc.
  • Upgraded OpenGL libraries (JOGL) to counter driver issues - this caused Linux to crash at startup. A fix is being tested right now and will be released in a few moments.
  • Device detection - we found some issues with the current solution and the fix should make the devices appear faster and “more often” than before. (The details are that we are now better at filtering out unwanted devices like printers and sound systems on the network).
  • Command/Handlers - this is basically refactoring the internal system for handlers. Partly to make it more flexible and well-functioning, but also for future user extensions.
  • Sync-dialog - minimise the risk of losing data when syncing files. This version is already much less intrusive in the local git repo, but in some instances like unexpected program termination, it might leave the files as stashed in git - which might not be very obvious to the user as it looks like the files are lost. This is about more easily getting back the files in these cases.

If you feel like helping out with testing, please send me a private message.

Have a nice gamedev weekend!



I couldn’t help myself yesterday and implemented a new feature, although we should be only focusing on fixing bugs right now. :blush:

New menu items “Referencing Files” and “Dependencies” in the asset browser.

“Referencing Files” shows which files are using the file you currently selected:

“Dependencies” displays the opposite, which files the currently selected file is using:

That felt good!


It’s also time for a status update!

We will spend the remaining time of this year just fixing issues, i.e. holding back on new features in favour of stability. We still ensure compatibility for the new features developed by the core team (e.g. the upcoming label components and later 3d animation), so that you can open, save and build projects containing these features. We have updated the issues with the “serious” label, this means we will fix them during this time. If you have submitted an issue that does not get the “serious” label but you think it should, please explain to us why to help us understand.

  • Windows 64 bit - all engine tests pass, but some remaining issues with Lua JIT
  • Handler refactoring - nearly finished
  • Github issues - 29 open (with “serious” label) - 82 closed

Referencing/Dependencies feature is really cool! :+1:

I subscribed (to watch) to issues repository and really happy to recive messages about closed issues. :nerd:


loving that slick UI! can’t wait for it to come out!


Did I dream I saw a tweet about signing up for the beta, or have I missed it?


there is already a link for beta few comments earlier!

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ah yes, so there is. I was searching for the word beta :expressionless:


Here’s a thematic gossip like image to the gossip thread. Starring @Ragnar_Svensson, Editor 2 and King devs.


Really nice place, looks extremely relaxing. Is that King’s office in London?


No, it’s the “new” office in Stockholm. That’s where the Defold team is located :slight_smile:


I cannot even begin to express how happy this makes me.
(I am referring to the message system help)


Yes, that will be helpful indeed. Also remember that you can do print(msg.url()) from a script attached to a game object if you wish to learn it’s url.


Here’s a sneak peek at what we are doing with “Native Extensions”. Currently we are testing out our build pipeline (server, scripts, Editor 2 etc), and how we can interact with OS functions (e.g. camera). So far, so good, and we have two tests: a videoplayer, and camera capture. Both are implemented using C++ and Objective-C (hence “Native”), and both extensions communicate with the engine via Lua. So far, we are testing that our theories hold up, before we ramp up with more platforms/features. Right now we support OSX and iOS.

Enough talk, here’s the teaser!


Very excited for this release. Afraid to ask for ETAs. Will anyway.

Any ETA on the release?


Hi, I want to ask about a backward compatibility between editor1 and editor2.
Sometimes I try to use editor2 for editing some hard-weight collection.
But after opening project in editor2 - project is breaks and don’t works in editor1 (for example spine scenes in gui are lost)
Is it ok? Or I should make issues on github for things like this?
(know I just a revert all files except files what I changed)

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