Defold Book?


Is there a Defold reference book for sale anywhere? I’m aware of the manual and the examples. What other reference material is available?

Matthew Donica



None actually being sold at the moment I think. The documentation is excellent these days. Though I would still encourage people to produce premium tutorials for Defold.

If you have questions it’s best to ask here and someone will most likely answer / be able to direct you to an appropriate example.



To add slightly to @Pkeod’s answer: if you are confused about something, then often the act of putting it in the form of a question that someone else can answer can end up making you less confused, sometimes even making you realise that you had the solution all along. And, best of all, if you don’t find that you have the solution, then you have a question ready to be posted here on the forums for all of us to help answer :slight_smile:



@carlfredriknybergbro completely unrelated to the post: what is that commutative diagram? :slight_smile:

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@roccosaienz Great question. I don’t have the original picture left, and I can’t make out what it is from the small version (looks like a section of some sort?). I think when I found it and uploaded it a couple of years ago I just took it from some pdf on category theory I had lying around.

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Welcome back to the forum @carlfredriknybergbro!



@carlfredriknybergbro I bet it is a fragment of the universal property (or construction) of some direct / inverse limit… Anyway I am happy to find another mathematician involved in game development + Defold! Great!

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Thanks! It’s good to be back :slight_smile:

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@roccosaienz Yes, it does indeed look like the bottom half of a projective limit. It is nice to see other mathematicians, too!

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