Defold Android Development App - Required Ports

Hi everyone,

I’m a brand new defolder and have been playing around with setting up a bare bones Android app. I wanted to use the hot deploy via wifi but the Android app kept crashes. I finally realized that the problem was the firewall on my linux laptop, ufw, was restricting most ports. Once I disabled ufw, I am now able to build directly to my phone via wifi, which is just AWESOME!

So, my question is what ports do I have to have open on my laptop for the Android Development App to work correctly? I’d like to turn ufw back on and only open the ports required. Also, would it be possible to mention these ports in the documentation

I’m amazed how quickly I can get going with Defold. Thank you all for the amazing work you do!



We have a task to document the ports and service available in a debug build of Defold. Here’s a draft:

  • SSDP (Simple Service Discovery Protocol) - Port 1900.
    • SSDP is used by the running engine to broadcast its existence on the network so that the editor can discover it.
  • Engine service - Port 8001 or the port specified in DM_SERVICE_PORT environment variable.
    • When running from the editor DM_SERVICE_PORT is set to “dynamic” which means that the engine will let the OS assign a random available port.
    • The engine service provides a number of different handlers:
      • /post - Receive protobuf commands, for instance to reload resources (hotreload)
      • /ping - Replies with a pong
      • /info - Show engine info (example: {"version": "1.4.1", "platform": "x86_64-macos", "sha1": "8f96e450ddfb006a99aa134fdd373cace3760571"})
      • /upnp - Replies with an upnp specification
  • Redirect service - Port 8002.
    • The redirect service will redirect any request to the engine service on its actual port (see Engine Service)
  • Log service - Port assigned by OS.
    • Used for reading engine logs
  • Profiler - Port assigned by OS
    • Used to show the web profiler (see Remotery).
  • Remotery - Port 17815
    • High performance web profiler. Web socket connection.

Thanks britzl!