Defold 1.2.170 has been released

Defold 1.2.170

In this release we’ve updated the Android bundling to support the new .aab format.
There’s a new setting for this in the bundle dialog, or check the documentation for bob.jar on how to specify it using the --bundle-format option.

We’ve also finally added support for physics scaling. You can enable it by checking the option physics.allow_dynamic_transforms in the project settings. It allows you to set the transform at runtime for the non static collision objects.

Another physics fix is that the phyics.raycast() have been updated so that it can return all the raycast hits. See the documentation for further info on how this api has changed (it is still backwards compatible though).

We have updated the HTML5 builds to use Emscripten 1.39.16, which yields smaller (about 13%) wasm executable sizes.

This is the first release we’ve made where community contributions have been made.
Thank you for your support!

Some notable contributions are a fix for not rendering 9-sliced gui nodes when the don’t have any texture, which is a good optimization. Another one is a having texture compression as an option in the bundle dialog, which will make it clearer for our users. Also some documentation improvements.


  • Issue-3381 - Added: Added support for Android App Bundles
  • Issue-3189 - Added: Added support for physics scaling
  • Issue-4845 - Fixed: Don’t render while iconified
  • Issue-3181 - Fixed: Refactor handling 9 slice gui node with no texture.
  • Issue-4830 - Fixed: Add all keys input binding to builtins.
  • Issue-4873 - Fixed: Added helpful information to script templates
  • Issue-4710 - Fixed: physics.raycast now can return all results
  • Issue-3315 - Fixed: Fix label rotation
  • Issue-4821 - Fixed: Respect texture-compression setting when creating app bundle.
  • Issue-3342 - Fixed: Fixed parsing issue with…) with regards to spaces
  • Issue-4831 - Fixed: Pass nil to window.set_listener() to unsubscribe
  • Issue-4849 - Fixed: NE: Remove GraphicsAdapterOpenGL symbol when linking headless builds
  • Issue-1848 - Fixed: Fixed inconsistency between setting (0,0,0) and (0) as scale in factory create
  • Issue-4784 - Fixed: Handle display cutout in immersive mode
  • Issue-4775 - Fixed: Don’t try to get the animation frame index if no animation is set
  • Issue-4901 - Fixed: Fixed issue of uploading font vertex buffer multiple times


  • Issue-4821 - Fixed: Add texture compression option to bundle dialog.
  • Issue-4844 - Fixed: Added donate link to the editor help menu
  • PR #4800 - Fixed: Specify exact JDK version to download
  • PR #4813 - Fixed: Fix misplaced docstrings in the editor code

Defold source

  • Issue-4803 - Fixed: Update to Emscripten 1.39.16
  • Issue-4827 - Fixed: Package path can now point to a local folder
  • Issue-4815 - Fixed: Detect missing sdk before engine build
  • Issue-4822 - Fixed: Updated engine to use MSVC 2019
  • Issue-4640 - Fixed: Added support to build/package our external libraries using waf
  • Issue-4817 - Fixed: Updated the engine coding guidelines
  • Issue-4640 - Fixed: Added script to build external packages using our build system

Great! Any updates on atlas sprites packing (trimming)?

No, nothing planned in the short-term

Is there any way to configure Android builds to not extend into the notched screen area in Immersive Mode?

The previous behavior makes a lot more sense for games in my opinion, and now my users with notched Pixel 3XL phones are saying the GUI and play area are obstructed.

Do you have Immersive mode unchecked?

There’s only one Immersive Mode checkbox in my game.project UI?

I want to keep Immersive Mode, so that the system buttons & notification bar disappear, but revert to the old behavior where the areas to the side of the notches are just blacked out. (ie. before PR #4791). Would it be possible to set this preference in the config somehow?

Alternatively, I suppose I should detect the notch and play nice with it. You alluded to making native extensions for this in an older thread about iOS. Whoever decided those notches were a good idea, again?

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Ah, sorry I didn’t read your question properly! I guess it would be possible to add an extra config value in game.project.

I guess you can change your AndroidManifest.xml to remove the notch support?

<meta-data android:name="android.max_aspect" android:value="2.1" />
<meta-data android:name="android.notch_support" android:value="true"/>

This was added in August 2019 though, so I’m not sure what you mean with “previous” version.
Nvm, see the reponse by @agulev .

No, it’s about this change:

I agree with @britzl , it would be nice to have it as a separate option in game.project


Good to have real Android bundles generated directly out of Defold.