Defold 1.2.166 BETA


Defold 1.2.166 BETA

The latest beta is now released, and we invite those interested in beta testing the new features in the editor and engine to join now.
The beta period will be 2 weeks and the next planned stable release is two weeks from now.

We hope this new workflow will highlight any issues earlier, and also get valuable feedback from our users. And please comment if you come up with ideas on improving on this new workflow.

Please report any engine issues in this thread or in editor2-issues using Help -> Report Issue

Thx for helping out!


This is a BETA release, and it might have issues that could potentially be disruptive for you and your teams’ workflow. Use with caution. Use of source control for your projects is strongly recommended.

Access to the beta

Download the editor or bob.jar from

Set your build server to


This release we have made many smaller fixes.

The http.request() using HTTPS+POST, now works with payloads larger than 16k bytes, which is the limitation of the TLS record size.
We now use chunked encoding for large payloads.

The DefoldSDK has got two new events dmExtension::EVENT_ID_ICONIFYAPP and dmExtension::EVENT_ID_DEICONIFYAPP which allows you to handle the case when an app is minimized to the tray, or shown again.

We’ve fixed the debuggability of the Android bundles that allows you to either debug using Android Studio, or getting a crash log from your device.

EDIT: This is a change to the AndroidManifest.xml so be sure to update your custom manifest if you use one. The setting is activated automatically if you choose to bundle with “Debug”, or you can control it manually by adding android.debuggable (values 0 or 1) to the game.project file.

Updating the documentation is an ongoing process, and we’ve made various documentation fixes, e.g. the C-to-Lua callback functions,
broken links, typos etc.

We have also worked on our backend, doing numerous CI fixes, everything from uploading, downloading, unpacking, notarization, bundling the correct things etc. We’re now in a much much better place than before though, so hopefully we won’t see as many issues as this in a long time.
This will help us test and make our releases in a much more efficient manner going forward.


  • Issue-4385 - Added: NE - Added Window events dmExtension::EVENT_ID_ICONIFYAPP and dmExtension::EVENT_ID_DEICONIFYAPP
  • Issue-4621 - Fixed: HTML5 - Fix for checking if the DefoldSoundDevice is available or not
  • Issue-4628 - Fixed: HTML5 - Fixed progress bar for HTML5 loading
  • Issue-4663 - Fixed: HTML5 - Removed defold_sound.swf as fallback for old IE browsers
  • Issue-4666 - Fixed: HTML5 - Fixed issue with splash screen not working
  • Issue-4624 - Fixed: OSX - Make sure to ignore an empty app_icon value
  • Issue-4647 - Fixed: Win32 - Make sure to notify gamesys of the window size before calling init() on any scripts
  • Issue-4633 - Fixed: ANDROID - Added android.debuggable to the AndroidManifest.xml
  • Issue-4659 - Fixed: IOS - Info.plist is now included in standalone ios simulator bundles
  • Issue-3202 - Fixed: Added support for negative indices in serialized tables (DEF-3826)
  • Issue-4645 - Fixed: Trimmed (sprite) polygons now use same winding as untrimmed polygons
  • Issue-4669 - Fixed: Https+POST requests now use chunked upload for sizes larger than 16k bytes
  • Issue-4610 - Fixed: Added sound properties pan, gain and speed to the sound component
  • ---------- - Fixed: Bob.jar now returns valid android resource paths from manifest merging errors


  • DEFEDIT-2887 - Fixed: Fixed exception during build when stripping declarations
  • DEFEDIT-2910 - Fixed: Updated editor particlefx vertex format to match runtime
  • DEFEDIT-2814 - Fixed: Hide tooltip immediately on mouse out

Unhandled ssl status code: 16384 ( 4000) (SOLVED)
Android build on older device not rendering game objects (SOLVED)

Looks like not fixed. I cant find android:debuggable attribute in manifest file.



I just verified it in the latest beta:

Are you using the beta editor?
Are you using a custom manifest?

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Yep. I use custom manifest and beta editor.
It works with this addition to the manifest. But this feature works automatically in 1.2.161 without modification of the manifest.



Yes, and that was the bug, which needed fixing :slight_smile:
The old way (which was simpler, but also more hidden from the user), just didn’t work anymore.



I also clarified this a bit better in the release notes now, so thanks for the ping :wink:



Anyone else having issues with their html5 build for this beta?

I’m getting the following on 1 of my html5 projects:

It’s also stuck at the defold loading screen (probably 10% bar). Still trying to figure out what’s causing it, since minimal html5 projects are ok and it works just fine on 1.2.165.



There was a bug in previous versions related to how the progress bar was updated. Do you use a custom HTML5 template?



No. I’ll try to do more tests later…

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Ok, I think you’ve uncovered a problem then. I will try to reproduce it on a few different projects. Thanks.



I’m unable to reproduce the problem. Are you able to share a repro case with me (

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I have a quick question about the beta process.
Is this build on a separate channel that gets updated just for this version (1.2.166 in this case) or is it a build that works for all future betas we well?



Each editor is connected to a specific update channel. The beta in this post is linked to the beta channel and should update when a new beta (engine and/or editor) is released (not specifically 1.2.166).

The editor-alpha channel which is the default channel when you download from is linked to a stable engine (ie you will not get dev releases of the engine) and an editor that updates as soon as we release new editor features.



I can now reproduce the problem on a minimal project. Create a new texture profile, then set the rgba format type to webp or webp lossy, and you can get the crash on html5 as my previous screen shot shows. If it’s default, then no issues. This is under Windows 10, Google Chrome.



Thank you! We will investigate!



I’m sorry to say I cannot reproduce this.
Can you share the minimal repro case with me?

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Here it is: (210.3 KB)

I copied the texture file fresh from the builtins folder (to rule out any version incompatibility), change to webp, set new texture file in project settings, save then Project/Build HTML5 from the editor.

I just created a new project now using the Linker game example with these same steps and I can also reproduce the crash there.

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Hmm, I didn’t get this to crash either, I’m afraid.
Tried it on WINdows/OSX, with chrome, but it worked each time.
Can anyone else reproduce this issue?



Just tried on Microsoft Edge browser and I get the same results. I’ll try to run on another machine when I get the chance.

If I reload it on the browser, the screen is still stuck at the loading screen, but I can get more details about the errors:



Hmm I assume my Defold beta version is correct?