Defold 1.2.163 has been released

Defold 1.2.163

First off, I’d like to thank our beta testers for making sure our new features are working as they should.
It’s a great benefit to us, and we hope to make this a recurring thing.

This sprint we’ve made iOS/OSX SDK updates, and added new features to the Defold SDK.

We moved the iap and iac modules out of the engine into separate extensions.

We’ve also optimized the font glyph compression. Result may vary but we’ve seen a ~1mb+ package decrease in one of our games.

Resource properties

We’ve now released the resource properties feature which allows you to set multiple resources on a script and then assign to your components at runtime. These properties are hashes, so you can safely pass them via messages.

More detailed documentation will come this week! For now, there’s

Native extensions

SDK updates

We’ve updated the extender server to support the iOS 13.0 and MacOSX 10.15 sdks, and Xcode 11.0.

Pre/Post render callback

We’ve added the possibility to register pre or post render callbacks, via the dmExtension::RegisterCallback(CallbackType callback_type, extension_callback_t func).


We also added <dmsdk/dlib/dstrings.h> with functions:


In order to support the new sdks, we had to update to use Clang 9.
This affects iOS/OSX and Win32 builds.

Unfortunately the upgrade of the system didn’t go so smoothly as expected, and we now build all extensions (old and new) with Clang 9.

This may mean that you suddenly get a new compiler or linker error when building an extension that previously worked. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
Ask on the help thread if you bump into any issues.


Our Vulkan track is still going strong and we’re making good progress.


  • DEF-2918 - Added: Added script resource properties
  • Issue-4289 - Added: Adding a post render callback to extensions via dmExtension::RegisterCallback()
  • Issue-4468 - Added: Added dlib/dstrings.h to Defold SDK.
  • Issue-4431 - Fixed: Removed iac module into a separate extension
  • Issue-4450 - Fixed: Removed iap module into a separate extension
  • Issue-4239 - Fixed: Font glyphs are now always compressed with lossless WebP
  • Issue-4430 - Fixed: Tilemap now pre allocates the correct number of render objects
  • Issue-4445 - Fixed: Tilemap physics layers are now disabled with the visibility of a tilemap layer (DEF-3572)
  • Issue-4441 - Fixed: Doc fix added missing sound speed option
  • Issue-4458 - Fixed: Build fails on Windows when building with appmanifest
  • Issue-4461 - Fixed: Removed Defold Analytics tracker.
  • Issue-4464 - Fixed: The engine+multidex java classes always end up in the first dex
  • Issue-4476 - Fixed: Removed stuff left behind related to push and gps extensions


  • DEFEDIT-4407 - Fixed: Remember code signing identity in iOS bundle dialog
  • DEFEDIT-4409 - Fixed: Fix inverted mouse wheel zoom when using perspective camera
  • DEFEDIT-4436 - Fixed: Fix disappearing tile map editor grid
  • DEFEDIT-4456 - Fixed: Fix SingularMatrixException when opening a scene featuring a zero-height cone emitter

EDIT: Updated dstrings.h documentation links


:+1: Yey! time to work again on my extension, good job guys


Very exciting!


Thank you guys! I am going to make my dream come true with Defold Engine!!


thank you


I have some issues in web version since 163. (when I test from the Editor all fine )
issues like:
ERROR:GAMESYS: Unable to play animation '񩲣le_w' from texture '/main/atlases/main.texturec' since it could not be found.

and other:

ERROR:SCRIPT: Error running script: main.scrolling:516: 'end' expected (to close 'for' at line 359) near '<eof>'

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Does the animation have a weird name?

phew, I found the reason, dunno why, but in animation name circle_w the first character was cyrillic character с instead c of latin …


Could it be that the whole text file is being transformed somehow for the HTML5 builds? This seems related: Cyrillic characters shows not correct in the bundle (1.2.163)

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