Defold 1.2.150 has been released


Defold 1.2.150

We fixed a touch issue on HTML5 builds running on iOS, when activating the multitasking menu.

You can now send a message to you running (local) instance of the Defold engine,
to resize to a certain size. This is, for example, useful for developing gui’s.

We have updated the profiler documentation a bit, and we also created
a new video explaining the latest features in the profiler.

The exported live update package names now contain the corresponding platform name,
making them easier to maintain.

We have also made a change to our raycast function. We deprecated the old one, and instead created two new ones: physics.raycast and physics.raycast_async
The latter is an asynchronous implementation, using messages (as before). The former version is synchronous, and returns the result directly in the script.


We have added dmScript::CheckVector3/ToVector3/PushVector3 et al to the Defold SDK.
These are available for Vector3, Vector4, Quat and Matrix4.

Also, in order to support that, you now also have access to Sony’s vectormath library.

And there is now also a dmScript::JsonToLua() which can convert a previously loaded dmJson::Document directly to a Lua table.

Last version of Editor 1

This is the last update of the old editor (a.k.a Editor 1) we’ll ever release.
If you’re still using it, please download the new editor from


  • DEF-3729 - Added: Possibility to resize engine from message and exposed controls for it in Editor
  • DEF-3870 - Fixed: Touches get “stuck” when using multitasking on iPhoneX
  • DEF-3846 - Fixed: Atlas larger than 4k doesn’t work in GUI
  • DEF-3830 - Fixed: Include platform in liveupdate resourcepack name
  • DEF-3862 - Fixed: Reduce profiler overhead on script function call
  • DEF-3864 - Fixed: Profiler documentation fixes
  • DEF-3800 - Fixed: Small cleanup of html5 manifest template properties
  • DEF-3856 - Fixed: Updated editor links on
  • DEF-3868 - Fixed: bob.jar now generates an error if there are duplicate files (i.e. library vs local files)


  • DEFEDIT-1600 - Added: Display hovered tile index in tile source view
  • DEFEDIT-1587 - Added: Added Abort Bundle option
  • DEFEDIT-1615 - Added: Reuse build cache between editor sessions
  • DEFEDIT-1572 - Added: Added progress indicator to Search Results tab when pressing Keep Results in Search in Files dialog before search completes
  • DEFEDIT-1565 - Changed: Improved debugger by making it more stable at handling circular references
  • DEFEDIT-1566 - Changed: Pretty-print Evaluate Lua results
  • DEFEDIT-1622 - Changed: Improved editor responsiveness on printing Evaluate Lua results of big values such as “_G
  • DEFEDIT-1568 - Changed: Improved project load times
  • DEFEDIT-1589 - Changed: Improved rendering performance
  • DEFEDIT-1637 - Changed: Console no longer highlights tabs as rogue indentation
  • DEFEDIT-1641 - Changed: Improved performance of code editor on parsing big lua conditions
  • DEFEDIT-1604 - Fixed: Fixed updater problem on Windows that didn’t allow to update to latest version
  • DEFEDIT-1605 - Fixed: Fixed box selection exception in Outline view
  • DEFEDIT-1607 - Fixed: Fixed scene picking not respecting z-order
  • DEFEDIT-1613 - Fixed: Fixed mouse scroll being slow on macOS
  • DEFEDIT-1496 - Fixed: Fixed tilde key inserting unwanted characters on swedish keyboard layout
  • DEFEDIT-1623 - Fixed: Fixed AABBs of particle emitters
  • DEFEDIT-1632 - Fixed: Fixed Enter behavior in bundle dialog
  • DEFEDIT-1633 - Fixed: Fixed exception in Curve View
  • DEFEDIT-1634 - Fixed: Fixed exception in empty tilesource
  • DEFEDIT-1635 and DEFEDIT-1639 - Fixed: Fixed inability to load PVRTexLib on some windows machines

Detecting iPhone X swipe up from bottom (DEF-3870)(SOLVED)
Can be used cross-platform? (DEF-3830)(SOLVED)
White texture in node in runtime (DEF-3846)(SOLVED)
Profiler api doc improvements (DEF-3864)(SOLVED)
Default engine types in Defold SDK (DEF-3407)(SOLVED)

DEFEDIT-1600 - Added : Display hovered tile index in tile source view

This is making my life so much easier, thanks!



Hi, thx for the new release.

Is this fix DEFEDIT-1589 - Changed : Improved rendering performance
also fixed next issue with newer AMD drivers ?

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That crash should no longer happen since we changed our selection method a while back.



WWWWou! Thx you, i retest system in near 2 days. Thx!



Wow! Editor updates are really trucking now! Thanks!

I’m loving the hovered tile index. It would be great to see this in the other editor screens (collection, gameobject etc) showing:
Cursor pos
Object pos
Object rotation
Object scale

Depending on the current action selected top right. Currently it’s a bit of a guess unless you type the values in.



How to use ToVector3/CheckVector3 in native extensions?
I got only "member access into incomplete type “Vectormath::Aos::Vector3” when try to get components(getX(), Y, Z, I suppose? Should be documented, btw).

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I’m not sure, but It seems like dmsdk/vectormath/cpp/vectormath_aos.h should be included into <dmsdk/sdk.h>. @Mathias_Westerdahl knows more.

This code works:

#include <dmsdk/vectormath/cpp/vectormath_aos.h>
Vectormath::Aos::Vector3* v3 = dmScript::CheckVector3(L, 1);
Vectormath::Aos::Vector3 v(2.0f, 1.0f, 8.0f);
dmLogInfo("vector1: %f %f %f", v.getX(), v.getY(), v.getZ());
dmLogInfo("vector2: %f %f %f", v3->getX(), v3->getY(), v3->getZ());


It would be nice if you also included documentation for this.

The documentation for ToVector / CheckVector is incorrect.
The difference is not that they return a value and a pointer (both return a pointer), but that one checks the value in the stack and displays an error message, while the other just silently crashes the engine.



Sure I’ll fix the documentation.

What do you mean “silently crashes the engine”?

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My bad. Not this function(ToVector) crashes the app, but my code after it.
Read: “…while the other just returns 0.”



The new simulator resolution preview is a real god send. Thanks a lot!!!



Still no documentation for that.

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I found this:

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Added an issue (#4159) to make sure we add some documentation or at least a link to the official documentation.



Yes, I think we’re probably going to link to that exact pdf, since it’s quite a lot to document.
And really, the code is the best documentation.

A quick way to get started is to include this file in your code:

#include <dmsdk/vectormath/cpp/vectormath_aos.h>

And you can check this file for the implementation: