Defold 1.2.138 has been released


Defold 1.2.138

This sprint we have added support for hot reloading tilemaps. Press CMD+R/CTRL+R to hot reload while running the game.

We also made it easier to control the debuggability of your Android application. In game.project you can edit the android.debuggable flag to control this behavior.
This will allow you to use external debugging tools such as Google’s GAPID.

The GUI particles now also respects the adjust modes ZOOM and FIT, making it easier to author the content when using different layouts.


  • DEF-3390 - Added: Added support for hot reloading tilemaps
  • DEF-3518 - Added: Added android.debuggable property to help debugging the apk
  • DEF-3421 - Fixed: GUI particlefx better respects adjust modes “Zoom” and “Fit”
  • DEF-3276 - Fixed: Property overrides are now handled properly when using collectionfactory.create()
  • DEF-3530 - Fixed: Fixed issue when running Build-and-run when game is already running
  • DEF-3514 - Fixed: Back button not triggered when Android keyboard is visible
  • DEF-3499 - Fixed: Fixed issue with sys.get_application_info().installed on Android
  • DEF-2977 - Fixed: Android resources from native extensions are now bundled properly
  • DEF-3512 - Fixed: Fixed sound crash related to audio focus
  • DEF-3484 - Fixed: The Lua script debugger doesn’t handle file paths longer than 59 characters


The editor team is working on some long-running tasks, but we still managed some minor fixes and improvements to the editor.

  • DEFEDIT-1461 - Added: Copy Require Path is now available on .lua file context menus.
  • DEFEDIT-1459 - Changed: Incorrect path casing now results in build error.
  • DEFEDIT-1454 - Fixed: It is no longer possible to override node Ids in Gui layouts.
  • DEFEDIT-1464 - Fixed: Bundling an Android project says Ready too early.
  • DEFEDIT-1467 - Fixed: Building for HTML5 now produces a debug build.
  • DEFEDIT-1468 - Fixed: 3D models exported without normals broke the Scene View.
  • DEFEDIT-1469 - Fixed: Exception when using the Sign iOS App feature.



Regarding DEFEDIT-1459, please refer to this topic for more information: Inexact resource paths now produce errors