Inexact resource paths now produce errors


We’ve made a change in the editor that means some existing project content will generate build errors. Before, resource paths were not case-sensitive. You could refer to /assets/image.png as /assets/IMAGE.PNG and it would still sort of work. However, this created multiple-identity problems if there were also references to the same resource with different letter casing. This would lead to really weird behavior like the issue reported here:

To eliminate these kind of issues, we’ve made it an error to refer to a resource using an inexact path. Most projects will not have any issues, but it can happen if you’ve renamed files to a different letter case after referencing it in the editor. It could also affect require statements in scrips. If you suddenly start seeing “File Not Found” errors when building your project, please ensure the letter casing of the path or Lua module matches the letter casing of the file in our project.

Hopefully this won’t cause too many issues, but don’t hesitate to contact us if you run into problems!

Defold 1.2.138 has been released