Defold 1.2.124 has been released


Defold 1.2.124

This release adds the ability to toggle the inherit alpha property for GUI nodes through scripts. We have also extended the available mappable input keys for Android. The Editor 2 launcher has been improved with an upgraded Welcome dialog, see below notes for details.


  • DEF-3167 - Added: Method to set GUI node inherit alpha from scripts.
  • DEF-3180 - Added: Support for more mappable keycodes on Android devices.
  • DEF-1636 - Fixed: Issue with euler to quaternion conversion with identity rotations (i.e. zero rotation).
  • DEF-3182 - Fixed: Missing color for Spine mesh/attachment.
  • DEF-3132 - Fixed: Spine component transform was not applied to bone GOs during animation.
  • DEF-3186 - Fixed: Better compression of iOS launch images in developer app.
  • DEF-1952 - Fixed: Territory was wrong when calendar were non-gregorian.
  • DEF-3161 - Fixed: Correctly handle https response with status 204 No Content.
  • DEF-3189 - Fixed: Issue with DM_LUA_STACKCHECK when throwing Lua error in NE/SDK.

Editor 2

Editor 2 now has a new Welcome dialog that allows you to create new projects without having to go through the Defold Dashboard. We’ve provided a few template projects and samples that you can use as a starting point, and intend to grow this list over time. After you’ve created a new project, simply choose “Synchronize…” from the File menu to push the project to your Defold Dashboard.

  • New Welcome dialog with friendly onboarding workflow.
  • You can now create new local projects from templates or samples without having to go through the Defold Dashboard. Local projects can be Synchronized to the Defold servers at a later time.
  • We now show progress while downloading or importing projects, and the operation can be canceled.

Spine animation looks different on different platforms (DEF-3182) (SOLVED)
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Added: Method to set GUI node inherit alpha from scripts.

Is there a link to the API (or a code sample you can provide) of how to accomplish this?