DefMaterial - A Collection of 2D + 3D Materials


I’m working on this a bit now, will be updating it frequently for a while. DefFX is going to be modified to be a render target / post processing set only. Some materials have issues due to Defold bugs or something I don’t understand. Have to wait for more 3D features to be improved to prepare more advanced material shaders. Later I’ll make some godshaders which have multiple effects able to toggled and layered. And a PBR shader too. Plus more fun stuff that is going to make 3D games with Defold look good!

HTML5 demo

Layering sprites (SOLVED)

Testing matcap style materials

2017-10-18 05_35_44-DefMaterial

Blastlands: Team Combat


Woah, great work @Pkeod


So cool!


coming to Asset Portal soon, I guess? Wanted to SMM it a bit, but I’d rather link to the Asset Portal than to git.


Yes, I’ll put up on Asset Portal within the next few days. Still adding a few more core shaders.


I am amazed. Awesome work on these shaders !
Somewhere in the forum i think, i saw a tut how to implement shadertoy shader into Defold. Is this something usefull for your shader-workflow ?


You should follow the shadertoy tutorial just to get the experience. Then look at these shaders and and test them with your models / adapt them to your needs. If vertex positions are off (I think these old shaders are wrong) then compare to the builtin material for models and make fixes as necessary.


I plan to rework this, clean it up, and make the materials a bit easier to use in the future! Plus make some more simple 3D game examples now that 3D is getting more love by engine/editor teams. Have to finish and publish some games made with Defold first. :sunglasses: